The Small Church Collaborative

The Small Church Collaborative is an experiment in sharing resources so that congregations can focus their energy on being a vital presence in their community. This experiment of the Central Association of Massachusetts, in collaboration with the Center for ...

Small Church Makes Big Effort on RIP Medical Debt

In West Woodstock, Connecticut, a small village in the town of Woodstock in the northeast corner of the state is the equally small church, the Church of the Good Shepherd. Their pastor, The Rev. Alice O'Donovan, says the average attendance in worship is between 20-25 ...

Hartford Church Unleashes Love on Community

Started in Summer 2016 by Youth Directors Isaac Monts, Jodyann Gaynor, Ashlee Satchell, and Shauna Stennett, the Liberty Christian Center International, UCC Annual Community Fair was created with a vision to unleash love on the community.

Conference Announces Bold New Initiative Awards

Each year the Massachusetts Conference Church Development Council recognizes ministries that exemplify innovative and impactful ministries. Here are this year’s three recipients. WOVOS ~ Congregational Church of Brockton To change lives and create a better world.  That ...

Advent Around The Conference

The season of Advent is a busy time of year for a church. Many churches find their pews a bit more crowded in the weeks leading to Christmas. This year, churches around the Connecticut Conference will hold dozens of pageants, both modern and traditional, as well as ...

Clergy Supporting Clergy

For most clergy, the role of church pastor is a solo gig. Of the 235 UCC churches in CT, just over 40 have associate pastors. Of course, any church may have plenty of willing members, lay leaders, and volunteers ready to take on all aspects of church life. Yet there is ...

2016 CTUCC Revival Calls Us To Work

The Second Annual CTUCC Revival was held at Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 13-15. The three night gathering featured inspirational music and passionate sermons that called for renewal of the church through understanding ...

Wolcott Dinner Reaches Globally

No missionary was present. No one from Nepal visited. Only people from the local community attended the Sparks Mission Dinner at Wolcott Congregational Church in Wolcott on April 24. But the scope and reach of the program will impact children more than 7,000 miles away.

A Spirit of Collaboration in Middletown

Some churches share a pastor. Some share a building. In Middletown, the pastors of First Church of Christ and South Congregational Church are sharing keys. In the recent installation service of the Rev. Thea Racelis of South Congregational, Racelis and the Rev. Julia ...

UCC Devon Welcomes Deaf Community

The United Church of Christ in Devon has kept its doors open for all for over 100 years. Recently, a deaf woman who attended the church as a child returned to worship with us. She wants to attend the services of the church, but her communication is American Sign ...

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