Faith Formation - MOVED TO LIVE SITE

Faith Formation - MOVED TO LIVE SITE

Faith Formation, Christian nurture, spiritual development, all are intentional activities in the whole engagement of the faith community for shaping discipleship"We understand the local church exists to make disciples of Jesus and we welcome all people unconditionally to share in this calling."

As partners in congregational ministry serving children, youth, and adults, all are called to build and maintain relationships and community in the way of Jesus, meeting everyone, who ever they are, where ever they are on the journey to deepening faith and discipleship.  All are called to enact faith through personal discipleship and Discipleship Matters!Whether you are a pastor and teacher, a faith formation practitioner, or a lay team leader, we offer support, guidance, and resources for shaping faith in the Body of Christ to transform our communities and the world. 

To determine your congregation or community's next best steps in development, to assess your strengths, to focus on ways to mature discipleship, link here to the Markers to Embrace Discipleship.

Discipleship Opportunities at a Glance- Click here for a one-page overview of this month's upcoming events

There are 4 ways to access discipleship resources for your congregation

1. Discipleship Pages 
Browse through these webpages to locate the resources you need from the following categories.

 Resources, Partnerships, Networks 



2. Contact 
A Southern New England Conference Faith Formation Staff Member. These leaders are members of the Discipleship Team and serve in all regions of our Conference.
Leaders to Support, Accompany, and Network Congregations
  • Debbie Gline Allen,  Associate for Faith Formation & Youth Ministries in MA.        Call 508-603-6601
  • Debby Kirk, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries in CT.                                         Call 860-761-7103
  • Kristin Putney, CE and Youth Ministry Consultant in RI.                                                       Call 774-991-1555 
  • Karen Ziel,  Minister for Faith Formation and Leadership in CT.                                       Call 860-761-7104

3. Connect 
Use the links below to stay connected to the wider SNE Conference community for the latest and for updated resources.

On Social media
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  Practical Resources for Churches 
  Ecumenical Resource Center offering Programs, Webinars, Resources, for the local church and local church leaders, etc.


John P.  (JP) Webster Library, First Church West Hartford, CT.    (JPWL) is open to all who would like to explore our collection of religious and spiritual resources – a diverse collection of over 12,000 religious and secular materials.  Audio books, Programs, Webinars, etc. 

4.  Events 
Gatherings to help leaders and lay members develop and deepen their capacities for discipleship and ministry.

Webinars, Zoom Meetings, Gatherings


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