Make Disciples - MOVED TO LIVE SITE

Make Disciples - MOVED TO LIVE SITE

We understand the local church exists to make disciples of Jesus and we welcome all people unconditionally to share in this calling.    

What is Discipleship?  In the Hebrew text, God is the potter, forming and shaping God's people in hope that God's people live in God's ways.  In the Christian text, God's love and call, God's ways are modeled in the way of Jesus.  Disciples are those who "live the love and justice of Jesus", as our Conference community proclaims.   Rev. Marilyn Kendrix explores discipleship in the words of Jesus as he breaks bread with his disciples for a last time,  if you love me, he exhorts Simon Peter, "Feed my lambs, tend my sheep".  Here you will find resources for shaping faith and deepening discipleship.  Here you will find support and resources for making disciples of all ages, in all contexts and every context of the church, who live the love and justice of Jesus!

It is true, that in the postmodern church,  Discipleship Matters!

The Conference offers a wide variety of resources and tools for church leaders to assist them in their endeavors to make disciples.  Here you can find:

  • Faith Formation - a wealth of resources for professional Christian Educators, clergy and lay leaders, and people who want to deepen faith in their own homes.
  • Youth & Young Adult Discipleship - service opportunities available to young people, and resources for those who work with youth and young adults.
  • Outdoor Ministry - information about Outdoor Ministry opportunities available through the Conference.




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