Justice and Love

“Justice is what love looks like in person.”  You likely have heard that oft-repeated adage by Dr. Cornell West. As West notes, Jesus urged his disciples to love their ...

bowl and bible_youngberg studio_jma creative.jpg

“The local church exists to make disciples of Jesus” says our mission statement. Simon Peter, “Do you love me?” And of course, Peter responds, “Yes, Lord, you know that I...

Safe and Secure

Psychologists will tell us that one of the most basic drivers of human behavior is the need to find safety and stability.  And churches are perceived as sanctuaries ...

A Living Hope

The meeting began with the passing around of a relic- a button from the Poor Peoples Campaign march in 1968.  Fingers grasped the round blue button with the picture of ...

Autophagy in Lent

Autophagy is a biological process in which certain elements within a living cell attack and destroy other materials within the cell... The early days of Lent are an ...

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