Is it Time to Relocate?

June 2020—Volume 28, Number 6                         Copyright @ 2020 by Dana Horrell   Typically the question of whether to relocate is precipitated by a building ...

Build A Robust Network

January 2021—Volume 29, Number 1                   Copyright @ 2021 by Dana Horrell   Whatever else it did, the COVID-19 health crisis forced congregations to consider ...

Many Voices One Mission: Hope

"In the midst of an occupation by a repressive foreign power, where religious authorities were collaborators, where the economic system was unjust and income inequality ...

What is Contemporary Worship

At First Church, the newly arrived pastor faced a question over whether to continue holding its evening service, which utilizes a rock band, praise songs, and emphasizes ...

Do Not Cross

Rev. Jeff Lukens created a communion liturgy to address the "healing and wholeness" needed in a time when news about immigrants and their families is often disturbing and...

18 Questions for 2018

Tim Shapiro, from the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, believes that vibrant congregations exhibit a commitment to increasing congregational capacity. As demands on...

Our Spirits Fed

"When we join in joyous music and faithful worship, our spirits are fed." — Persephone Hall

What Promotes Hope?

Do we see a snake or a rope? In this metaphor, the snake is fear, disappointment, discouragement, despair, anxiety, distrust, bitterness, or dejection. What is the rope? ...

How Can We Help Immigrants?

A new church member—a recent African immigrant—described what his Christian mother taught him: “When someone comes to you and needs food and shelter, you give it to them....

Ministry in the Midst of Tragedy

On Friday, August 7, 2015, Vermont state employees left work and made their way to the parking lot together. There, a former client confronted and killed Lara Sobel, a ...

Dig Deep

Increasing membership in a small church means having to empower the members and helping them dig deep into their faith.

Getting to Know You

In this current era of life and culture, one of the realizations is a return to an ancient concept of relationships.  How do we get to know our neighbors?  How do we ...

Opportunity Knocks

God might be knocking on our church doors with opportunity!  With parenting centers located in Arlington, Boston, Needham and Hanover closing, I immediately thought about...

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